Mr. Chua Khoon Hui

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chua is in charge of the day-to-day management and smooth operations of the Group. He oversees the business development activities, sales, marketing, and procurement functions of the Group. He is also responsible for formulating corporate strategies for the Group, together with the Board of Directors.

Mr. Chua joined KPMG LLP as an audit assistant in 1999 and left as an audit senior in 2001. Between 2002 to 2005, Mr. Chua ran a café called Joyce Restaurant & Pub together with his wife, Ng Pei Wah, who is currently the Director, Operations of the Group. In November 2005, he founded The Whisky Store and expanded it into the food and beverages business today.

Mr. Chua holds a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from Nanyang Technological University.

Mr. Ng Kim Chew

Group Chief Financial Officer

Date of appointment: 7 February 2019

Mr. Ng is responsible for the accounting, corporate finance, treasury and tax functions of the Group.

Mr Ng was with the assurance and advisory business services division of Ernst & Young LLP, Singapore covering various industries since 1996 and left as a manager in 2004. He joined the Company as Finance Manager in 2004 before assuming the position of Group Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) in March 2006. He oversaw the accounting, corporate finance, treasury, tax, legal, human resource, IT and administrative functions of the Group then. The businesses involved were distribution and repair services of aircraft parts, homeland security services, events management, consumer electronic products research and development, manufacturing,
distribution and retailing, and property development in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Australia. He stepped down as the Group CFO in December 2016 when the Company became a cash company and continued to assist the Board of Directors on all matters concerning the Company. He was re-appointed as the Group CFO when the Company completed the reverse acquisition of Sloshed! Pte Ltd, focusing on food and beverages business, in February 2019.

Mr. Ng is a Fellow of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and a Fellow of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. He holds an MBA as well as a Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Finance from the National University of Singapore. He also holds Specialist Diploma in Business Analytics from Temasek Polytechnic.