TSH Corporation Limited (the “Company”) focuses on offering premium whiskies and cocktails, and operating six outlets covering five distinct concepts, namely, Quaich Bar, The Other Room, The Other Roof, Copper and Signature Reserve.

Quaich Bar

Quaich Bar at Waterfront Plaza was opened since 2007 as Singapore’s first dedicated whisky concept and Quaich Barat South Beach Avenue was opened in 2016.

The name ‘Quaich’ (pronounced as quake) is derived from the Scottish Gaelic word “cuach” which refers to a traditional two-handed drinking cup or bowl and remains a symbol of welcome and friendship in Scotland.

Each Quaich Bar stocks more than 200 different whisky labels with an emphasis on boutique single malt Scotch whiskies, and a sizeable range of selections of world whiskies including American, Irish, Indian, Japanese, South African and Taiwanese whiskies.  Food, snacks and other alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and other spirits are also offered.

The outlets provide a relaxed environment, suitable for friendly gatherings, networking and whisky appreciation.  They also conduct whisky tasting sessions and pairing events to promote whisky knowledge and appreciation in Singapore.  Retail sales of single malt Scotch whiskies and other spirits, wines and liquors are also carried out at the outlets.

The Other Room

The Other Room at Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, opened in 2016, is a speakeasy-style cocktail bar with interior design inspired by the Prohibition era.  The outlet offers over 300 in-house cask finished products, which is unique in Singapore.  These casks allow the creation of bespoke cocktails through the art of finishing, where spirits are transferred into a second barrel that has previously stored a different liquid such as wine, sherry, madeira or port.  These former inhabitants of the cask lend different flavours and aromas to the spirits.

The outlet also finishes spirits with spices, roots, teas, herbs, fruits, barks and coffee to obtain uniquely balanced flavour combinations.  In addition, the outlet also offers food, snacks and conventional alcoholic beverages including whisky, rum, champagne, wine and beer.  The outlet also hosts renowned bartenders from around the world to provide different and memorable experiences for customers.

The Other Roof

The Other Roof at Ann Siang Hill, opened in 2018, is an open-air rooftop café bar for the working crowd in the central business district looking to entertain and unwind after office hours.  The outlet offers a menu that focuses heavily on integrating tea infusions into cocktails with over 400 in-house tea-finished spirits and other alcoholic beverages including champagne, wine, non-alcoholic tea beverages as well as food and snacks.  Tea leaves sourced from across the globe are also available for sale at this outlet.


Copper at Lanson Place, opened in 2018, is a whisky-themed café bar oriented to a younger whisky drinking audience.  The name is inspired by the properties of copper, which is highly malleable and ductile, reflecting the creative concept of the bar, but is also stable and enduring, reflecting its commitment to quality and service.  With the tagline “A Whisky Playground” and 100 whiskies from around the world, the outlet is a more casual establishment compared to Quaich Bar, and the menu emphasises whisky cocktails and carafe serves rather than just neat whisky by the glass or bottle.  The outlet also offers Whisky Highball Draught and collocated as a physical store front with emphasis on Cadenhead bottlings.

Signature Reserve

Signature Reserve at Fullerton Hotel, opened in March 2021, features an extensive range of whisky tasting sets that cater to both the beginners and the connoisseurs, from old and rare to avant-garde styled whiskies.

The first of its kind in Singapore, “Signature Reserve Whisky Omakase”, offers guests an experiential whisky and food pairing experience that aims at pushing the boundaries of discovering new flavours and textures that would delightfully surprise one’s senses.

The Whisky Store

We import the whiskies from boutique distilleries in Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and India, and independent bottlers and wholesalers in the United Kingdom, as well as other spirits, wines and liquors for our own outlets.  In addition, we also distribute on a wholesale basis to other bars, country clubs, hotels, restaurants, corporate and individuals who wish to purchase whiskies in volume.  In 2020, we have also started the online retail sale of the whiskies that we are carrying.

The Whisky Store
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

We also purchase full casks of whisky for bottling and sale to retail customers or for bulk sales.  Such trading of whisky in casks allows us to obtain exclusive ‘single casks’ whiskies that are not available to others.  In 2020, we released 257 bottles of the Ardbeg 26 years old, which is one of the three casks of the Islay Giants series.  The Islay Giant series is made up of Ardbeg, Bowmore and Laphroaig distilleries from the Islay region.

In addition, we also offer sourcing services to whisky aficionados who are looking to acquire whisky casks or whisky from a particular label and of a specific maturity that might not otherwise be available in the market.

Our initiative to create Whisky Journey in May 2020 was postponed to December 2020 as a result of COVID-19 and the social distancing measures.  It was designed to be the biggest and most vibrant whisky show in Singapore with the aims to drive distribution and retail sales for the exhibitors, increase our engagement with the domestic whisky ecosystem, provide a stage to build awareness of our whisky outlets, and to deepen our whisky legacy in Singapore.  As a result of COVID-19, Whisky Journey was carried out at decentralised locations over 2 weekends.  Despite the pandemic, 15 bars and 21 brands of whiskies have shown their support to participate in this inaugural Whisky Journey event, and almost 900 tickets were taken up by the participants.  The participants could enjoy free whisky tasting samples at the 15 participating bars, which carried one or more different whisky brands, during the Whisky Journey event period.

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