TSH Corporation Limited (the “Company”) focuses on offering premium whiskies and cocktails, and operating seven outlets covering seven distinct concepts, namely, Quaich Bar Collector, Quaich Bar Avant-garde, Quaich Bar Wanderlust, The Other Room, The Other Roof, Signature Reserve and Capitol Cigar & Whisky Lounge.

Quaich Bar

Quaich Bar Collector

The story of Quaich Bar began with Quaich Bar Collector at Waterfront Plaza. Kickstarted by the team behind The Whisky Store in 2007, Quaich Bar Collector is the first dedicated whisky bar in Singapore. In fact, the bar has been graced with the respectable title of the ‘Great Whisky Bar of the World’ by the international Whisky Magazine, a testament to their honourable contributions to the whisky culture not just in Singapore but on a global scale.

The name ‘Quaich’ (pronounced as quake) is derived from the Scottish Gaelic word “cuach” which refers to a traditional two-handed drinking cup or bowl and remains a symbol of welcome and friendship in Scotland. Housing an impressive selection of old and vintage boutique bottles and being a regular pitstop for globally acclaimed distillers for whisky tastings and masterclasses, Quaich Bar Collector is a quality whisky institution and hub for fellow whisky afficionados and for those keen to learn more about whisky alike.

Quaich Bar Avant-garde

After nine great years of spreading the good word of whisky at Collector, Quaich Bar Avant-garde has continued the same legacy of getting individuals to connect through excellent whisky. In 2016, the second Quaich concept at South Beach Avenue was opened. With over 500 boutique whiskies available, we strive to be at the forefront of quality and distinctive whisky launches island wide – perfect for avant-garde souls who love being experimental with their whiskies. Nestled in the heart of the Central Business District, Avant-garde makes for a convenient respite after a long day worth’s of work and to impress whisky adventurers, or anyone really, who’s on the lookout for quality whisky that’s unique.

Quaich Bar Wanderlust

For fellow party goers and globetrotters who are looking for a unique bar experience, Quaich Bar Wanderlust is sure not to disappoint. The third concept from the Quaich Bar series, Quaich Bar Wanderlust was opened in November 2022 and presents a perfect marriage of cocktail and whisky offerings paired with exquisite bites which are reminiscent and dear to various cultures all around the world. Get your best dancing shoes on and come aboard on an unforgettable journey of a lifetime where you’re far away from the many worries of everyday life – be it one that reminds you of home or ushers you into a memorable globetrotting adventure.

The Other Room

Awarded with the prestigious Asia 50 Best Bars in 2019, The Other Room at Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is a speakeasy-style cocktail bar with interior design inspired by the Prohibition era that has been serving many satisfied regulars since 2016. The outlet offers over 300 in-house cask finished products, which is unique in Singapore.  These casks allow the creation of bespoke cocktails through the art of finishing, where spirits are transferred into a second barrel that has previously stored a different liquid such as wine, sherry, madeira or port. If you’re looking for classics done different, The Other Room’s the place to be as the former inhabitants of the cask lend different flavours and aromas to the spirits. 

At The Other Room, the options are truly endless. The outlet also finishes spirits with various ingredients – be it spices, roots, teas, herbs, fruits, barks and coffee to obtain uniquely balanced flavour combinations. In addition to their lovely bespoke cocktails, you can also be greeted to an extensive selection of food options and classic alcoholic beverages from whisky to beer. If that’s not enough, The Other Room also hosts renowned global bartenders, so you’re guaranteed a fun and insightful time alongside great drinks. 

The Other Roof

The Other Roof is an open-air rooftop café bar has been serving its regulars with picturesque views, delightful tapas selections and most importantly, its no-frills but great cocktails since 2018. Located at Ann Siang Hill, it also doubles up as a perfect spot for the working crowd in the area for a convenient respite to unwind after office hours or to host an important someone.  

Tea lovers, rejoice as The Other Roof offers an exciting menu that focuses heavily on integrating tea infusions into cocktails with over 400 in-house tea-finished spirits and other alcoholic beverages including champagne, wine, non-alcoholic tea beverages. 

Signature Reserve

Located in the iconic Fullerton hotel, Signature Reserve has been serving an extensive range of whisky tasting sets that cater to both seasoned connoisseurs and those who may be new to whisky since March 2021, with old and rare bottlings to more avant-garde styled whiskies. 

The first of its kind in Singapore, “Signature Reserve Whisky Omakase”, offers guests an experiential whisky and food pairing experience that aims at pushing the boundaries of discovering new flavours and textures that would delightfully tantalize one’s senses. Not only that, but you are also welcomed to experience an out of the world whisky tasting experience guided by our professionally trained Whisky Butlers. 

Capitol Cigar & Whisky Lounge (Managed by Quaich Bar)

The Capitol Cigar and Whisky Lounge cossets you in plush and only the most comfortable of surroundings. High-backed leather chairs, private rooms, and a luxe environment are set to enhance any occasion that calls for only the best in whisky and wine.  The atmosphere is complemented by a climate system – the first of its kind in Asia – that keeps the air crisp and fresh all night long so you can deal with the important business at hand with complete ease. Come immerse yourself and dive into a world of luxury like no other at Capitol Cigar and Whisky Lounge.  

Capitol Cigar & Whisky Lounge

The Whisky Store

The Whisky Store began in 2005 as a humble retail kiosk in Tanglin Mall run by escapees from the corporate world, Khoon Hui and Joyce. Today, The Whisky Store is much more than a kiosk. We import a wide range of whiskies from boutique distilleries in Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and India, and independent bottlers and wholesalers in the United Kingdom, as well as other spirits, wines and liquors, many of which we hold in exclusive agency in Singapore. Additionally, we also distribute on a wholesale basis to other bars, country clubs, hotels, restaurants, corporate and individuals who wish to purchase whiskies in volume. Since 2020, The Whisky Store has also embarked on an online retail store of whiskies and other spirits.  

For those who are keen to purchase exclusive ‘single casks’ whiskies that are not available to other retailers, you can be rest assured that The Whisky Store purchases full casks of whisky for bottling and sale to retail customers or for bulk sales. In fact, in 2020, we released 257 bottles of the Ardbeg 26 years old, which is one of the three casks of the Islay Giants series.  The Islay Giant series is made up of Ardbeg, Bowmore and Laphroaig distilleries from the Islay region. 

In addition, we also offer sourcing services to whisky aficionados who are looking to acquire whisky casks or whisky from a particular label and of a specific maturity that might not otherwise be available in the market. Thus, if you’re on the lookout for quality, boutique whisky, you know where to go.

The Whisky Store

Whisky Journey

In 2019, Whisky Journey was designed to be the biggest and most vibrant whisky showcase island wide with the aim to drive distribution and retail sales for the exhibitors, increase our engagement with the domestic whisky ecosystem, provide a stage to build awareness of our whisky outlets, and to strengthen our whisky legacy in Singapore. However, given the development of Covid-19, Whisky Journey started Singapore’s first island-wide bar and restaurant whisky trail that spanned across 10 days in 2020 and 2021. After witnessing the success we had in the past 2 years, Whisky Journey 2022 was set to be bigger and even better. 

Whisky Journey 2022 took place at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, and featured over 20 exhibitors, with over 100 different whiskies/expressions available to discover, explore and try. At Whisky Journey, we want to entertain, educate, and offer a warm welcome to anyone seeking a unique whisky experience. Whisky Journey 2022 featured unique sensory experiences, masterclasses, innovative tastings & pairings at affordable prices, and activities designed to spark wonder, discovery and exploration in whisky for everyone – from novices to connoisseurs. 

Whisky Journey